Hobbies and Interests

This can provide an insight to the personality and skills can be used as part of professional job activities.

One hobby is being an entertainer. This teaches adaptability, rapid decision-making, presentation, negotiation, and people skills. Feedback is instant. There is no room for mistakes.

Keith Venn

International Business Development Professional
Amateur radio, when time allows. This can be very time-consuming, so has to be rationed! Talk to people you have never met before and carry out technical experiments. A good combination for an inquisitive social person, and one who likes to try new ideas. Callsign G0GFD.

Also allows practice in speaking other languages! Studying German for 5 years must have a use somewhere...
Travel certainly broadens the mind. Keith has travelled extensively on business and pleasure, meeting interesting people and fascinating places. This could provide enough material for a book, and one is sometimes published on eBay! Never underestimate cultural differences, and do not assume anything is the same in another country as England. What was all that knocking on a table for by an audience in Germany...
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Hobbies and Interests