Business Skills - 1

With its origin in the analytical skills developed during reliability engineering, consulting has been carried out in a number of specialist areas. These include:
Design for reliability - Testing methodogy
Retail strategy (bricks and mortar + online)
Y2K - Web strategy (layout, eCommerce)
eProcurement - Business management
Sales strategy
Created test processes accross the range of consulting specialities.

Keith Venn

International Business Development Professional
Practice "Solutions Selling". This can have a longer sales cycle than traditional "in the face selling", but is built on trust, and will result in higher revenues over the long term.
When challenged on sales skills in 2006, took the "Home Improvement" test. Worked for a company selling guttering and facias. Converted 2 out of 3 leads, resulting in additional revenue of 80,000 per week!
Equally at home generating new business or managing existing accounts.
Brokered a deal between two Finance sector organisations, benefiting my client with an 800% increase in potential work.
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