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During the early stages of his career, Keith spent time working in the manufacturing sector. He introduced a number of process enhancements and product improvements. He was one of two UK representatives on an International Testing Council, and wrote an article published by Wiley Publishing. Managed a purpose-built testing facility.
When offered a training course in programming, it was the start of a new career. Six months intensive study, covering Assembler, C+, etc., led to acquiring the knowledge to setting up and managing a multimedia development group. Co-publisher of an IBM "Red Book" on multimedia. First exposure to the world of Sales, with major retailers in Europe.
Restructured manufacturing process for large manufacturer in Lexington, Kentucky, significantly reducing wastage and improving profitability.
Created the first multilingual conference information system, with touch-screen technology, audio and video.
Created first interactive information systems for use by ferry passengers.
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Keith Venn

International Business Development Professional