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What Do I Do to Earn a Living?
Within reason, anything that is legal and ethical. My experience covers a wide range of technical areas and business development. Yes, business development does include sales, but this is a complex area, often viewed simply as "how much have you sold in the past year?".
If you appreciate change, adaptability, and thinking "out of the box", then you will find this site of interest.
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Within this site, I hope you will find something to stimulate your imagination. Perhaps something you had not considered before. Times are changing, and so are traditional job roles. The statement "The most important asset to any organisation is it's people" is true now, more than ever. So, how do you evaluate successful sales? Is it just money coming into the business, or is it the total picture?

One other thought - how much does personal hobbies and interests influence a job?
Keith Venn was elected as a Fellow Member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management in November 2007, based on a review of his work.
Negotiations have just been completed on behalf of a software testing company in the Finance sector, which will increase its potential customer base by 800%.
Recently added to the technical knowledge, is the understanding of issues related to energy saving for users of gas, electricty, or water.
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Keith Venn

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